The #1 Corrective Action Platform

Write-ups, Warnings, Performance Plans & Discipline Tracking. All Online.

Manager Check-ins. Address, Track and Manage Personnel Issues. Centralized in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Online Check-in

with managers & supervisors.

Bambee makes it easy to surface issues but automatically checking in with managers.

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Corrective Action

taken all online.

Step-by-step write-ups, warnings, and performance improvement plans with Approvals, Signatures, Follow-up Calendar, and more.

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Centralize Personnel Issues

in one place.

Bambee's dashboard makes it easy to manage all personnel issues across a company. Plus, reporting and analytics.

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Uncover Personnel Issues with Online Check-ins

Bambee will survey managers and supervisors to help discover potential issues across various teams within the company. Then deliver a report back to leadership and HR.

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Questionnaires to Supervisors

  • Managers and supervisors can report underlying issues from across their teams
  • Bambee will deliver easy-to-read summaries to management for assessing the severity of potential issues
  • Allows company leaders to get a head start on personnel issues
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Automatically Check-in with Managers
Discover Issues
Proactively Address Concerns
Collect Ongoing Insight

Corrective Action as Easy & Robust As TurboTax

Write-ups, Warnings, Performance Improvement Plans & Discipline Tracking - All Online.

Simple to use. Step by step software.

  • Managers and supervisors can create robust performance plans and warnings in 4 steps
  • Outline and document concerns, past examples & consequences
  • Set goals, strategies & obtain signatures in one easy to use, secure system

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HR Collaborations, Review & Approvals. Plus, Employee Signatures. All in Bambee.

  • Managers and supervisors can share all corrective action with HR for review. Then HR can make edits, approve or deny.
  • Managers can then sign and acquire employee signatures all on the Bambee system.

Bambee creates, then helps manage the followup meeting schedule.

  • Reminder emails are sent to managers and their employees to help keep them accountable
  • Meeting attendance and meeting notes are published in Bambee's secure dashboard
  • Schedule and progress is published in Bambee dashboard


Easy to use & Create
Consistent robust templates
Online signatures
Follow-up schedule management

Manage all Personnel Issues in One Dashboard

Easy to use dashboard helps keep track of issues across multiple teams & multiple locations. Plus, reporting & analytics.

The Bambee dashboard delivers a birds eye view of all personnel issues.

  • New issues, Progress & Followup Meeting Schedules are published here
  • The dashboard includes a digital folder for each employees personnel history
  • Analyze metrics like employee attendance, missed goals, behavior issues etc., with Bambee reporting tools

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Everything in one location
Notifications from anywhere
Reporting & Analytics

HR Professionals | Case Study

The Problem:

Managers bring you issues too late, and when it comes to documentation, it’s either incomplete or non-existent.

Our Solution:
  • Creating corrective actions are guided and easy for managers, while ensuring full compliance
  • Review and approve every corrective action before it’s delivered to an employee
  • Get valuable insights and oversight on all the corrective actions happening in your company

Small Business Owners | Case Study

The Problem:

You’ve got too many hourly workers to think about and too much to do, and you track all issues in a notepad.

Our Solution:
  • Frontline management staff can document incidents quickly with little to no training
  • Get valuable insights and oversight on all the corrective actions happening in your business
  • View corrective action summaries by employee